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Host large discussions and get actionable insights the same day (or even hour!).
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What is PSi?

People supported intelligence (PSi) connects people and organisations to solve shared challenges.
This makes PSi the only audio-first collective intelligence platform to effortlessly gain insights to solve complex problems from voice conversations.


problem solving
for the 21st century

Looking for an efficient and engaging way to consult with large groups? PSi is the only platform for massive scale qualitative insights into complex open-ended questions.

Solutions for smart teams


Overcome barriers to achieving your cultural goals and targets
  • Engage employees across the globe
  • Brainstorm ideas and gather insights from your employees
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PSi For DAOs

Make effective organisational decisions through audio-first discussions
  • Real-time discussion and idea generation
  • Enable dark mode and anonymous participation
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Consult stakeholders within your community and reach a decision as a collective
  • Enable virtual peer-to-peer discussion
  • Auto-moderated discussion rooms
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PSi For consumer insights

Engage with your fans, users or community to generate insights
  • Gain consumer opinions and thoughts on specific topics
  • Prioritised actions based on user votes
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Group level insights

and intelligence.

With access to many perspectives, people develop a respectful understanding of each other. Contrary to conventional online text-based discussion, verbal deliberation brings out the best in people. PSi is inclusive. We create connections
so a whole community can help you answer the tricky questions.

Participatory decision making


PSi: a fresh take on


More engagement
Social conversations
More cost-effective
Efficient use of time and resources
Purpose-driven conversations
Quick results
Deep insights
Shared outcomes
Transparent process
Safe for social distancing

Get the insights and clarity your organisation needs

to create change.

Let us take care of the logistics so you can focus on what matters.
Our platform covers every aspect of large-scale consultations — from beginning to end.

How it works

  • Discuss

    People evaluate each idea in small audio chat rooms.


    Review the collective intelligence dashboard for a deeper understanding of how your stakeholders think and feel. 


    Publish a consultation and collect ideas.


    People explore more ideas in new groups.

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You know that more input means better decision-making. New ideas. A shared interest in the outcome. PSi makes hearing each voice easier and harnesses the collective intelligence of your community and stakeholders, and makes hearing each voice easier.
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