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As a People's intelligence Panel PSientist, your voice matters.

You won't get shut down if conversations get tough, and loud voices won't sway others. Every opinion counts.

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We reward you for contributing to real change.

Receive a retail voucher for every discussion you finish. The best part? We email it to you instantly.

speak safely

Honest discussions are essential.

That means all People's Intelligence Panel conversations are name-less and face-less. We won't ever share your personal details with other PSientists.


How does it work?

PSi will host discussions on a variety of political, social, economic, and cultural topics.

Discussions are held on specific dates and times, so if you’re available, RSVP early, or click to join a discussion  just before it’s scheduled to start. There’s no separate app to download. Just click the link and get talking.

How will I know what discussions are happening when?

The People's Intelligence Panel webpage will be regularly updated as soon as new discussions are scheduled.

You may also receive an email from PSi inviting you to participate (again, no obligation to join). If you RSVP, we’ll email you reminders ahead of the event so you can make sure you’re still available.

Who can participate?

Anyone aged 16+ can register as a Talking Points panellist! Currently, the panels will launch only in the UK, but we’ll expand to other regions in the future.

Sometimes the sample for a discussion is based on predefined characteristics (like age or if you live in the city vs. rural area), will depend on the sample characteristics whether you will be invited to participate in every discussion.

Do I earn something for participating?

Absolutely! If you actively participate and stay for an entire discussion, you will immediately receive a gift voucher to spend with a store of your choosing.

The value of your gift voucher depends on the discussion. You won’t have to wait days or weeks for your reward, it’ll be in your inbox in minutes.

Am I part of the People's Intelligence Panel if I submit the form?

No, submitting the form means that you have expressed an interest in joining the People's Intelligence Panel. It's means that you have let us know you'd like to receive more information.

Joining the People's Intelligence Panel may involve an application, everyone who submits this expression of interest will be the first to know when applications open.

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