Engage with your fans, users or community to generate insights

Gain consumer opinions and thoughts on specific topics and prioritised your next steps based on instant user opinions

PSi supports brands and clubs to make fan backed decisions

PSi redesigns how brands and clubs aggregate data from their users and fans to better integrate their experiences and perspectives. Existing online tools for fan intelligence can be affected by social biases such as homophily and polarization. PSi reduces the impact of these biases using collective intelligence research which shows that a diversity of viewpoints is the cornerstone of good decision making.

No other insights platform uses voice to generate analysis from qualitative data

Thousands of fans can have a real-time conversation to suggest ideas for a topic, or feedback on a new campaign. Voice conversations mean higher engagement and build brand engagement.

PSi makes it easy to for all fans to join in and support their favourite club or brand make the decisions they want

PSi is designed to make holding large real-time conversations easy so that clubs and brands can easily engage with thousands of fans. PSi discussions are efficient ways to consult fans and users, making engagement sustainable and used to course correct, rather than as a one off initiative.

Participatory decision making simplified

Know that you are making decisions supported by your users and fans

Fans discuss and share ideas with each other

Build brand engagement

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