PSi supports organisational decision makers to make the right decisions for their company

Overcome barriers to achieving your cultural goals and targets by harnessing the voice of your employees

PSi supports companies to make employee-backed decisions

Engage employees and use PSi to brainstorm ideas and gather insights across global teams. Use PSi to brainstorm internal solutions and involve employees in your decision making process. Want to know what employees think of a new company wide initiative but struggling to get feedback using surveys? Pose a discussion on PSi!

No other engagement platform uses voice for centralised decision-making

Thousands of employees can have a real-time conversation to discuss a shared issue or brainstorm ideas to a collective problem. Voice conversations mean higher engagement and denser communities with greater social capital. Traditional workshops are labour intensive to organise, facilitate and run. PSi enables you to source your employees thoughts and ideas at the click of a button.

PSi makes it easy for employees to join in and impact the decisions that impact them

A prescheduled discussion slot and calendar reminders enable employees to engage with PSi in a way that fits into their working day.

Participatory decision making simplified

Make the right decisions for your company

Bring employees together to generate collective insight

Engage teams across the globe

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