PSi supports DAO decision-makers to make community-backed decisions

Start generating scalable collective intelligence with our voice platform

PSi supports DAO decision-makers to make community-backed decisions

PSi redesigns online dialogue to better integrate perspectives, reduce conflict and align vision. Existing online tools for coordination and decision-making can be affected by social biases such as homophily and polarization. PSi enables every member to have a voice and to vote on issues that matter to them.

No other engagement platform uses voice for decentralised decision-making

Thousands of people across the globe can have a real-time conversation to discuss a shared issue or topic. Voice conversations mean higher engagement and denser communities with greater social capital. All existing online engagement tools are text-based (e.g., Discord, Snapshot). Text reduces the ability to communicate nuanced concepts, whereas voice brings your community together.

PSi makes it easy for everyone to join in and impact the decisions that impact them

PSi is designed to make holding large real-time conversations easy so that even organisations with thousands of stakeholders can seamlessly coordinate and brainstorm solutions and ideas.

Participatory decision making simplified

Quantitative and qualitative data

Recording and transcription

Anonymity between participants

Unlock collective intelligence

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