PSi supports decision-makers to make community-backed decisions

Start generating scalable collective intelligence with our voice platform

Unbiased and community-backed decisions

PSi redesigns how organisations aggregate data from their stakeholders to generate deeper insights and improve decision-making. Existing online tools for ideation and stakeholder intelligence can be affected by social biases such as homophily and polarization. PSi reduces the impact of these biases using collective intelligence research which shows that a diversity of viewpoints is the cornerstone of good decision making.

No other engagement platform uses voice for insights generation from qualitative data

Thousands of people can have a real-time conversation to discuss a shared issue. Voice conversations mean higher engagement and denser communities with greater social capital. All existing online engagement tools, such as running a forum over Zoom, are not suitable for engaging large numbers of stakeholders.

PSi makes it easy to for everyone to join in and impact the decisions that impact them

PSi is designed to make holding large real-time conversations easy so that even organisations with thousands of stakeholders can seamlessly coordinate. PSi discussions are efficient ways to consult stakeholders so making engagement sustainable and used to course correct, rather than a one off initiative. At the heart of PSi is the Pod. People are automatically randomly split into small **discussion pods to deep-dive into the pros/cons of an organization’s crowdsourced ideas.

Participatory decision making simplified

Scalable collective intelligence

Voice-generated insight

Instant results and discussion breakdown

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